My official label is Bi-Polar with OCD and Depression which means I am a little bit strange…. well probably a lot strange sometimes but hey nut jobs like me help some normal people feel smug so we all have a role in life lol .

I will warn you I can disappear for long periods usually summertime but can be other times…. some is due to the fruit and nut brain but I also got very sick 3 years ago and they said I was gonna die ( don't always believe them lol) but the up shot is I have very little immune system and I get sick..more than the average person so sometimes it's that…but I do always come back….bit like a bad penny lol

The constant besides the husband and daughter in my life is craft. I discovered a little while ago I actually wasn't very good at the hands on stuff but give me a mouse and a computer and I can tackle the world. I make my templates because I love making them and I have considered selling them but it just doesn't seem as much fun. I have made some of the nicest friends while doing this blog and the lovely comments I have had seems like payment enough for doing what I love to do.

I hope you enjoy the blog and have fun using my templates in your projects

Krewella XXX